MinTas Education Services is a division of 888 Fortune Enterprise Pty Ltd that is dedicated to offering quality education services.

We seek to influence and empowered future students to create change and make a difference through education.

MinTas Education Services – Achieving Excellence in Education


The role of MinTas Education Services is to be a bridge between Australian and Chinese Universities and Colleges to create formal partnerships.

English Language Programs

MinTas Education Services offers access to English language programs (2 -36 weeks) for students who wish to study abroad or improve their language skills for work purpose.


These programs offer students the chance to experience learning English in a multicultural environment and provide students with Australia culture and lifestyle experiences whilst improving their English proficiency.

Teachers Exchange Programs

MinTas Education Services can organise short-term (2-4 weeks) exchange programs for teachers. 

The Programs include lectures on current trends in Australian education, theories and practices and to provide opportunities to participate in lectures, workshops and workplace experience visits.

Our programs offer the perfect chance to understand and experience Australian education together with different teaching strategies and techniques.

Teacher Training Programs

MinTas Education Services offers 6 – 12 months customised training programs to:

  • train overseas teachers in Australian teaching methodologies.
  • apply the principle and practices to their current teaching roles
  • encourage co-operation between the faculty in any academic area
  • develop teaching competence and help develop teacher presentation skill using the english language
  • promote co-operation and program development in teaching and learning

Students Holiday Intensive Study Programs

MinTas Education Services offers 2 – 5 weeks program in a chosen subject major to experience a specific Australian education program area.

Additionally these programs offer a unique international eduction exchange that offers cross-culture immersion opportunities in readiness for future study in Australia at a university or college.