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888 Fortune Enterprise provides Chinese and Australian companies with investment consulting services that leverage strategic frameworks and models to maximise outcomes.

We supports our clients to understand the investment environment, including the challenges and opportunities to help them make informed decisions. In addition we identify potential investment based upon their specific requirements.

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Our strategic capabilities are evidenced by the number of repeat and new customers we have across a range of investment areas. Our core focus over the past few years has been securing investment opportunities in:

  • aquaculture
  • agriculture
  • education and training
  • tourism
  • property development

Some examples of recent projects include:

  • Kitchens and Bathroom product imports
  • Investment fund management allocations in technology, natural timber resources, and property investment Tourism promotion and investment in tourism-related products, experiences, and properties in Tasmania and China
  • Investment in aquacultural science and wild catchup techniques and technologies to develop local Australian investment relationships
  • 888 Fortune Enterprise has access to current market data and research reports to help inform our clients and their decision making in relation to market risks and opportunities.
  • 888 Fortune Enterprise helps its clients to understand the target market value proposition including competitor analysis.
  • 888 Fortune Enterprise works with its clients and its team of specialists to develop meaningful investment plans that are based upon the analysis of the data and input from the various specialist disciplines.