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Discover The Magic Of Thailand: A Tourist's Paradise

Thai tours is a travel company under 888 that offer a range of tour packages to Thailand. The team at Thai Tour has extensive connections to the country’s tourist, business, and investment sectors, which gives everyone who is interested in Thailand a platform to learn more. 


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Thai tours are intended for a small, exclusive, and high-quality group of travellers, giving participants the chance to interact directly with locals and immerse themselves in Thai culture. Participants can choose the package (Family /Business / Investment/ Education/ Adventure package) according to the interests.

Our family friendly package provides a better travelling option for you and your children to enjoy one that favours real-world experience over the ones behind a screen. A major highlight of travelling on a small private group is sharing your experiences with other families more secure and having your children make new friends.

We provide work-life balance trips as part of our business travel packages so that you can fully experience Thai business culture. In this small group private business tour, you will attend the business conference to get more information about doing business in Thailand and to interact in person with the local council, local businessman and lawyer.

The recent years have seen a rise in interest in property and business investments in Thailand. Thailand government encourages foreign investor to purchase property in Thailand and offer an exceptional foreign investment regulation for investors.

Our small group private education vacation packages include work-life balance trips so that you can fully immerse yourself in Thai culture. Attending the education conference will provide a chance for you to meet the local council, educators, and lawyers face to face and learn more about high school, college, and university in Thailand.

Thai tour adventure tour will bring you to travel in the local way and explore the Phuket. Sharing experiences and make fun new memories with other like-minded new friends is one of the best parts of travelling in a small, private group.

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Discover the Magic of Thailand

A Tourist's Paradise