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Thai Tours is a leading travel and tourism company under 888 Fortune Enterprise based in Phuket and Tasmania. Our company is dedicated to delivering high-quality and personalized service, ensuring that our clients have unforgettable journeys throughout Thailand.

Furthermore, our team possesses an extensive network within Thailand’s tourist, business, and investment sectors, offering valuable insights into Thai culture and providing a platform for business people to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Current Tour Packages

Family Package - 7 Days

Thai tours family-oriented package elevates your travel experience by emphasizing immersive real-world adventures instead of relying on screen-based activities. By journeying with a select private group, you can effortlessly connect and share experiences with other families, fostering a secure environment for your children to forge lasting friendships.

From A$3,400.00*

Thai Tours - picture of accomodation villas Phuket Thailand - original image source is PhuketRealestate.com

Investment Package - 7 Days

Thai government actively promotes foreign investment in the country's property market, providing exceptional regulations and incentives for investors. As part of our exclusive small-group private investment travel packages, join us for an investment conference where you can gain comprehensive insights into property regulations in Thailand and have the opportunity to personally connect with local council members, businessmen, and lawyers.

From A$4,500.00*

More Package Comming Soon

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Discover the Magic of Thailand

A Tourist's Paradise

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