Culutral​ Training

888 Fortune Enterprise helps organizations and individuals to work effectively in culturally diverse environments. We provide tailored cross-cultural training solutions based on clients specific needs.

How we can help

  • improved communication
  • increased confidence to discuss and resolve differences with their international colleagues
  • better decision making and implementation of actions

Program content:  

  • Morals, attitudes and behavior;
  • Social elegances, politeness, hospitality and communication skills;
  • Business styles, management, decision making and negotiation;
  • Culture awareness;
  • Customs, religion and tradition;
  • Understanding culture shock and how to deal with it;
  • Social Orientation;
  • Language skills;
  • Leadership coaching;
  • Management experience exchange with local successful businessmen

We provide a short-term and long-term cultural training program for different situations. To find out how cross-cultural training can improve your businesses, please contact us.