888 offers a range of business services that are designed to meet the needs of our clients


Our professional team combines strong technical skills with relevant industry experience together with the ability to offer practical and useable business guidance and support.

We carefully consider our client’s requirements and motivations in seeking solutions that enhance their chances for project success.


Management Consulting

Our focus is on developing long term relationships that yield sustainable outcomes for all. We achieve this by ensuring our clients and the decisions they make are informed by having access to relevant and accurate information.

We assist our clients to develop meaningful strategic business plans that allow them to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Business Advisory Services

888 team has experienced advisors, coaches and mentors to assist and guide clients optimise their business by:

  • undertaking relevant research that informs the business and its decision making and commercial in nature
  • proactively identifying problems that need management and planning
  • understanding client’s business objectives in order to develop forward plans

China-Australia Business Cooperation

Our team has extensive experience in the key areas of:

  • Australia China’s international trade
  • International market expansion
  • project management; and
  • customer relationship development

Our professionals have a wealth of experience in identifying real estate investment opportunities in Australia and China. We focusing on understanding investor requirements and then our team works to help investors identify investment projects and market expansion opportunities in various industries in Australia and China.


Business Support Services

Working with our network of professionals we apply our experience in a range of local industry areas, business management and immigration policy to assist our clients to establish new businesses, apply for sponsorship, prepare business plans and access overseas talent.